Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Capitol Cast Iron Chef Battle

Good Day my fellow food lovers! I've been on holiday for the last three weeks....I apologize for neglecting you. Boston, the Beach and family consumed us completely.

Capitol Cast Iron Chef Battle

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer is well on its way...and the heat is on! Especially in the competition realm....I've entered the Capitol Cast Iron Chef Battle, coming up on August 15th. Ten Local Chef's will put their best to the test! After receiving the secret ingredient, $30.00 and 30 minutes - Chef's will scurry through the market selecting their ingredients. Chef's will have 2 hours to battle; presenting 2 amazing dishes.

10-10:30 Purchase Ingredients

10:30-12:30 Market Battle

12:30 Presentation to Judges

12:30-1:30 Public Tastings

2:00 Prizes will be awarded for Peoples Choice & Market Iron Chef

My partner in crime is Sarah Plumley - most have seen us in the kitchen together, it's a beautiful thing. Sarah and I spend a lot of our time talking about food, passing recipes, drinking wine, restaurant dreaming, and creating dishes for our was only natural to have Sarah at my side for this competition as my Sous Chef.

The only thing that makes this EVEN more exciting, is that MY Chef Instructor - Executive Chef, Bill Dodson of the acclaimed Cooking and Culinary Institute and MCTC....has entered the competition as well. I received a text from Bill the other day, "I just signed up to compete on the 15th at the market! It's on!!!!!"'s on alright....I just hope you're ready Bill. Ready to tell the other students that E Blackhurst, one of your students, beat you! Just kidding....kind of. At his side will be Chris Bugher, Head Banquet Chef at the Cooking and Culinary Institute.

I hope you all will come out - mainly to have fun,

and also to give a BIG wOOt wOOt for E & Sarah!

At least come out to see us work under pressure,

and eat our food!

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Lynnderful said...

Oh you bet I'll be there!! Let's go E. and Sarah!!! Kick some booty!!!